What I’ve been doing

The title of this kind of makes me laugh because I don’t feel like I’ve been doing a whole lot. I moved back from Ada in May. I went back to my software job. I golfed a lot this summer. That’s really it.

I haven’t really been running. And I’m surprisingly okay with it. I did something crazy and signed up for a half that’s in April of next year. I figure that I will want something to do in the winter when I can’t golf. My knee thankfully has been in good shape and I’m very thankful for that. I haven’t needed to wear a brace to golf at all this summer! I know the real test will come when I start running more, but I’m going to be happy about the no pain for now.

I have a big golf tournament on the 24th of this month. If I play well, I can go to Napes, FL in October to compete nationally. I’ve wanted to qualify for a USGA event for years now, and I’m really hoping this is my year.

My goal is to write in this more, especially as I start school in a few weeks. Until next time!