I’m still here

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been a bad ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. There’s some reasons why. Mostly because running is a struggle for me (still) and my knee still hurts when I run. I’m frustrated because it’s been 4 months since my surgery and I still can’t run more than 2 miles without it hurting. I’m out of shape, I completely lost my endurance, and I just want to get back to a point where I can run a few miles a few times a week and be fine.

This surgery was supposed to fix my knee. It was supposed to make it so I could run again and wouldn’t be in pain. The good news is that it doesn’t hurt when I golf anymore and I don’t have to wear a knee brace. The bad news is that if I walk for a long period of time (like walking 18 holes) it hurts really badly the rest of the day.

I know everyone recovers differently from surgeries but I was hoping by now I would be able to run a few miles to train for the 10K without being in pain. I ran the Hall of Fame relay on Sunday (recap to come soon) and it started hurting after 2.5 miles. I was actually running at a decent pace until that happened! But I figure it’s better to walk and not hurt myself than try to kill myself.

I’m hoping to get back into some sort of a routine soon. I move back home next Sunday and will not be working full time, so I’ll have a bit more flexibility when it comes to my exercising. I start my doctorate in the fall at Kent State University and I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life.

I’m hoping to have my recap of HOF relay up soon. I have been trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs but it’s proven to be difficult! It’s almost the end of the school year for me so I’m looking forward to having a week off.


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    1. I have been doing the exercises that I was prescribed but maybe I need to go back :/

  1. Good luck this weekend. I hope you get the race switch figured out and if you see me or vice versa please say “Hi.”

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