Back to it

I finally registered myself for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 10K! I had been putting it off (to be completely honest) and I’m still kind of nervous about it, but I know I have a little over two months to prepare and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been really nervous to return to running. I tried a few weeks ago and it hurt, and I’m still scared to try again. I know I need to get over myself and just to go in and do it, but I know to stop if it does start hurting. I’m planning on running the Glass City Marathon Relay next month with my family and need to also get ready for that race. The good news is that I have been able to golf with no issues! It’s so nice to golf without a knee brace anymore!

I’ve been going to Pilates at school and I’m going to plan on trying to run sometime this week. Once I know I can run, I can set up a more realistic training plan. Until then, I’ll keep doing my strength exercises and the elliptical!

Until next time!