Spring Break

I never in my life thought I’d be so excited for a spring break. I was able to travel to Pinehurst, NC and play one of the coolest courses I’ve ever played. The place was like a golf heaven, there are 9 golf courses, the bars are golf-themed, and the clubhouse has tons of history in it. It was so cool to walk through a place where so many golf greats have been. The really cool thing was seeing my dad’s friend have a plaque up for the NC golf hall of fame in the clubhouse!

I was able to play Pinehurst #9 on Sunday. Considering it was one of my first rounds of the year, I wasn’t expecting too much. The course was beautiful and the greens rolled really nicely. I even birdied the second hole so that made me feel good about myself (for like 2 seconds hah!)

On Monday, I was able to play Pinehurst #2. If you don’t know, countless U.S. Opens have been played here as well as many other big tournaments. I was told before I started that I should expect to shoot 10 shots worse than I normally do. For a second, I didn’t believe it but a few holes into it I definitely started to.

The greens rolled so well. However, if you hit it in the wrong spot. you probably will be down a giant hill somewhere. If you miss the fairway, you are in sand (or “waste area”). But the cool thing is you can ground your club anywhere on the course (including the “bunkers” which are just an extension of the sand that’s freaking everywhere).

Let’s just say I was happy to get pars. Because they didn’t happen very often.

To give you an example, I hit the green on number 9.. maybe 10 feet from the hole. It spun back all the way down the hill. I tried to putt it up the hill, and it came back exactly where I hit it before. What a wonderful way to end my front 9 😉

Me and Payne

Despite the fact I didn’t break 90 (I was pretty close), I had an amazing time. I told myself I wasn’t going to get mad about bad shots and I wasn’t going to get frustrated when things happened (like what happened on 9). It made the round that much more enjoyable even though my score wasn’t great!

After my round, I grabbed a beer and watched some of the people coming up 18. My group was one of the last of the day, so there weren’t many behind us. The thing to do is bet on the people coming up 18. Like.. I bet you $1 that they won’t make the green, or I bet you that he will make that putt. And so on.

When I came up 18, I hit my approach shot over the green. I was so paranoid of hitting the clubhouse and I’m thankful that it was just down the hill. I hit my chip pretty close to the hole and people actually clapped for me. It made me smile even though it took me 4 shots to get to the green 😉

I spent way too much at the pro shop (basically.. bought a putter headcover, a towel, a shirt, a shot glass, a shirt for my dad.. no shame) and it was worth every penny. I am so glad I was able to experience this course and I hope I get to go back someday!