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(Lack Of) Training

I still can’t run. It’s so frustrating because I can pretty much do everything else (minus squats.. but I kinda figured that would take a while to get back to). The good news is that I have been doing the elliptical and biking. It has been so nice this week that I biked outside on Monday!

I was also able to golf 36 holes over the weekend because of the nice weather! I was pleasantly surprised that I was hitting the ball decently well. My short game wasn’t the best, but I kept reminding myself that it’s February and I’m lucky that I’m even out there. My knee started bothering me towards the end of each of my rounds,  but I was happy to be able to swing a golf club only 6 weeks out of surgery.

I told myself I would wait at least a week before trying to run again. I am going to attempt to tomorrow night and see how my knee feels. I’m not feeling too positive about it right now, but who knows. I’m hoping that my elliptical/biking will help with getting my endurance back. I’m running the 10K at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon so I’m feeling confident that I can muster up enough endurance for 6 miles by race day (at least I hope so!). They also just released the course maps so be sure to check that out if you’re planning on running. I’m excited they took out the hill at the end, but that’s just me 😉

Other than being frustrated about my knee bouncing back, I have a whole bunch of other things going on with my future/career that I will save for another post. Stay tuned!

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  1. Im sorry you are still feeling the effects of recovery! I think the bike and elliptical will help you build up endurance. There are many low mileage training plans, too. I would strive for something like that and if you cannot run right now you could walk your miles.

    Thank you for linking to my giveaway.

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