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    Zhongshan Xin Hong Da Lighting Co., Ltd.

    Chandeliers,Pendant Lights,Crystal Lamps,Wall Lamps,Lighting,Lamps,Lighting F...

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    Zhongshan Xin Hong Da Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001, which has about 10 years of lighting producing and export experiences. As a professional manufacturer and export enterprise, our guideline is quality uppermost, customer satisfaction, permanent management, human-oriented. We have three assembly workshops and one hardware die-casting factory, its area over 6000 square meters. There are sales department, design department, engineering department, purchasing department, account department and service department with 126 staffs in our company now, which includes 15 excellent designers and 12 oversea & domestic salesmen. We can update our products assortments with samples everyday, so that to meet all of our clients' demand in many countries and regions around the world. Along with the development of our company, our products range has been increase from singularity to multiplicity. There are three major series products with over 1200 assortments samples in our company ... [Details]
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